SAP-TEC specializes in the design and manufacture of innovative products while providing unique and creative solutions. Our guidelines are based on principles of simplicity, innovation and efficiency.

Our flagship product is PUMPIT

PUMPIT enables versatility that includes both convenient and full sealing

Aesthetically pleasing to the floor of the house

Prevents pests and odors from getting into the house

Simple and comfortable operation Or other tools

retrieval And easy

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A cork is pressed downward, with a movement that creates an opening and closing. This plug is designed for round openings that are high in floor tile. By pressing the cork downward, an opening is created, allowing water to be drawn without damaging the wiper movement. By re-pressing the cork, the product is sealed and thus prevents the increase of pests, bad smells and more. The cork is designed for standard inspection boxes located in bathrooms, balconies,


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SAP-TEC is working to bring the best products to its customers in Israel and abroad Designed and safe while maintaining quality and innovation.

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