This catalogue describes the flagship product of the company – Pump It.

A baseline pump, it produces a movement that causes opening and closing.

By pressing down on the plug, the plug opens, thereby allowing for the easy mopping up of water after washing floors in the home without the mop catching on the drain cover, water going into the shower in the bathroom, etc.

The plug is hermetically sealed by an additional press on the plug to prevents bugs, bad odors, etc.

The plug is intended for control boxes / standard home and industrial sewer holes [openings] found in bathrooms, water rooms, shower stalls, outdoor areas, etc.
PUMPIT – compatible to develop 4-tzol.

Please refer to the attached drawings of the product for testing measurements.


Our product is Patent Pending.  Its number has been registered in several places – USA, Europe, Israel.

Patent Pending Number – WO 2017/176382 A1.

Our product has passed through [been examined by] The Standards Institution of Israel.

Number – 7002071986.


Diameter -118.60 mm
Height-62 mm
The net opening diameter is 96 mm

PUMPIT is our flagship product



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